iYA - born Nkhosiyabongwa Dlamini, modest of her innate gift of Voice which awakens the inner parts of the human soul with a deep love for music.

Music Life for her began when she became a member of a Band formed with friends “The Afroctaves” as the lead Vocalist. In 2015 the band entered the T55 National Talent Search competition and made it to semi finals. Since then she has been nurturing her talent participating in numerous recordings as a session singer, writer and vocal arranger. She believes music expresses feelings that words alone cannot. As beautiful and powerful music is, she sees it as a perfect way to touch souls, mend hearts and heal people emotionally.

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Music Release

Call Me, her debut single released December 2021 - is a song inspired by the pandemic and sudden long distance relationships and how calls were the lifeline. The song emphasizes on appreciating loved ones in their absentia and treasuring the memories and moments they have spent together.

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